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Nutrition Management Articles

Applying Fertilizer Through your Irrigation System
Ron Goldy. MSU Extension Powerpoint.

Three reasons to broaden your fertigation knowledge
Charles M. Burt. (Director of the Irrigation and Research Training
California Polythechnic Institute). This document although from California, presents interesting background information on fertigation.

Chemigation for drip irrigation
Kerry A. Harrison. What you need to know about providing chemical through your drip irrigation system.

Cover crop choices for Michigan
Dale Mucth et al. 2003. Extension Bulletin E-2884. Recommended cover crop choices for Michigan conditions. Document published by MSU extension.

Cover Crops
Dale Mucth and Todd E. Martin. General information on cover crops, their importance and use in Agriculture.

Fertilization Practices for Christmas Trees
This document content recommended levels for major elements.

Gypsum: What are the potential benefits
Darryl Warncke, 2003.

Improving Tree Quality Through Foliar Feeding
William T. Hurster Jr. 1992. Useful information on foliar applications, published by the North Carolina Extension Service.

Manure Composition Chart
Read the table to know the chemical composition of major animal manures.

Understanding MSU Soil Test Report: Results and Interpretation
Darryll D. Warncke et al. The soil test lab guide to understanding reports and recommendations.

Fertilization of Christmas Trees
North Carolina Department of Agriculture. North Carolina Department of Agriculture Recommendations on the Fertilization of Christmas Trees.

North Carolina Christmas tree notes Soil Testing and Interpretation of Results for Christmas Tree Plantation
Craig R. McKinley. Understanding Soil Tests in North Carolina.

Nitrogen Management for Fraser
MSU Extension. Nitrogen recommendation for Fraser fir in Michigan.

Nutritional Needs and Fertilzer Management with True firs
J. E. Sheldon. North Carolina Nutrition Publication on True firs.

Sampling Soils for Fertilizers and Lime Recommendations
Darryl Warncke and Ron Gehl. MSU Extension Bulletin E498S .

Soil and Plant Analysis for Christmas Trees
NCSU Extension Services. General Information on Soil and Plant Analysis published by the North Carolina State University Extension Services

Soil Cations Ratios for Plant Production
George Rehm. North Central Regional Extension Bulletin 533.
Useful to understanding Cations Exchange Capacity.

Soil and Christmas Tree Production: Part 5: Understanding Cation Exchange Capacity
Randy Heiligmann. Reprint from the Michigan Christmas Tree Journal Summer 1995 Important for Understanding CEC.

Soil and Christmas Tree Production Part 7: Mineral Nutrition in Christmas Tree Production
Randy Heiligmann. Reprint from the Michigan Christmas Tree Journal Fall 1996.

Soil and Christmas Tree Production Part 8: Foliar Nutrient Analysis
Mel Koelling. Reprint from the Michigan Christmas Tree Journal Fall 1996.

Soil and Christmas Tree Production Part 9: Soil Testing
Randy Heiligmann. Reprint from the Michigan Christmas Tree Journal, Winter 1997.

Soil and Christmas Tree Production Part 10: Fertlizer Recommendations
Randy Heiligmann and Mel Koelling. Reprint from the Christmas Tree Journal Summer 1997

Soil and christmas Tree Production Part 11: Fertilizer Materials
Randy Heiligmann and Mel Koelling. Reprint from the Michigan Christmas Tree Journal Summer 1997.

Christmas Tree Nutrient Management Guide for Western Oregon and Washington
John Hart et al. 2004. Nutrition Management Guide Published by Oregon State University .

Targeted Micronutrients Applications for Fraser fir
Jeff Owen, NCSU Extension. Improving your tree quality through foliar applications. North Carolina State University Publication 1998.

Cutting Fertilizer Cost for Christmas Tree Production
John Hart, Chal Landgren, Jill O'Donnell and Rick Bates. Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal 5(2): 4-6 & 8.

Estimating Crop Nutrient Demand in Fraser Fir
Jason Darling and David Rothstein . Great LakesChristmas Tree Journal 3(3): 4-8.

Fertigation - Injecting Soluble Fertilizers into the Irrigation System
Thomas D. Landis, Jeremy R. Pinto and Anthony S. Davis. Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal 5(1): 10-16 & 32-33.

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